One way Mobius changes lifecycle marketing and digital marketing strategy

Posted by Matthew Chase on Jul 30, 2014 3:33:25 PM

Learning that the The Mobius Cycle™, the lifecycle marketing approach at Williams Helde, changed how I applied digital strategy was a pain in my ass.

I’m a cynic who believes that new marketing approaches are 99% re-packaging. So when my new team as of a couple months ago told me about it, I thought yeah, sure, blah blah blah. If they couldn't show me tactically what I had to do differently, or produce measurable impact, then I was gonna call bull$#!*.  

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Buyer personas hold the key to content strategy

Posted by Matthew Chase on Jul 29, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Any fisherman knows catching the elusive “big one” doesn’t happen without some serious prep work.

Long before launching his boat in the water, he’s got to consider the type of fish he’s after. Which bait will work best? Where are the fish biting this time of year? 

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Posted by John Young on Jul 25, 2014 3:00:00 PM becoming mainstream?

Today the rumor is that Google values Twitch at $1B. This is serious scratch for something most people over 40 have never heard about. To me it is yet another digital innovation in entertainment preferences that we as marketers need to be aware of.

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With inbound marketing, you can get your customers come to you

Posted by Matthew Chase on Jul 24, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Nothing makes me queasy quite like the hard sell. Except maybe Hoarders.

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How the Mobius Cycle cleans things up

Posted by Marc Williams on May 6, 2014 12:56:00 PM

Below is yet another example of how the path to purchase is no longer a sequential or linear journey. The purchase funnel is dead, long live the Mobius Cycle™

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Posted by Marc Williams on Mar 30, 2014 9:20:00 AM

Consumer behavior, no matter what we wish, is seldom tidy, logical, or linear and the considered purchase cycle, now more than ever, has no clear beginning nor even a clear end.

For years, marketers have used the funnel model to explain considered purchase behavior and the flow of product information. This model worked fairly well during the days of mass advertising and media-centric agencies. It has its strong points as an explanation: it’s tidy, logical, and linear. 

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The Mobius: An Ear-y Tale of the path to purchase

Posted by Marc Williams on Mar 4, 2014 11:52:00 AM

In our last blog post, we looked at a case study, an actual instance of the Mobius Cycle at work, the real-life path to purchase for a pair of real-life consumers. We’ll do that again today but, in today’s example, we’ll be looking at a case where the purchase is not optional (no matter how badly Mike and Nicole wanted that RV, they didn’t truly need it, though a successful marketer might make them feel that way) and the cycle, while it still falls under the heading of considered purchase, has a good bit more (ahem) urgency to it.

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The Open Road: A true story of a path to purchase

Posted by Marc Williams on Feb 13, 2014 3:20:00 PM

We have been spending a lot of time recently looking at how and why people buy. We have been digging deep and dissecting what goes into the consideration and subsequent purchase. You may have seen our prior postings on the Mobius Cycle™ . It’s a non-sequential purchase cycle. This non-linear consumer journey, as I’m often telling people, is not something we dreamed up here at Williams Helde; it’s something that’s out there, happening, right now, with your consumers. We’ve just coined the terminology to define and explain it, so that we can help you devise a strategy to thrive in this, the new reality.

To illustrate just how complex and difficult marketing has become and how accurately Mobius Cycle™ describes the lifecycle of a considered purchase in the current environment, allow us to present you with a case study, a true story: (we changed the names to protect the innocent)

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A New Look at How People Buy: Introducing the Mobius Cycle.

Posted by Marc Williams on Aug 2, 2013 8:58:00 AM

People are smarter than ever before. As customers, they don’t fall into a nice, easy segmentation anymore, and the purchase path is no longer linear. And with an endless amount of resources, information and influences, they’re being stimulated in more ways. Nowadays, people can interact with a brand at any point within the purchase lifecycle. Not to mention, there has been a major convergence of paid, owned and earned media to add to the decision process. In fact, mass media is no longer the driving factor in awareness and brand perception. And even “new” media is no longer considered “new” ­– it’s all just media these days. For advertisers, this means that those influences we tried to control for so many years need to be rethought as marketers.

Introducing our latest creation: The Mobius Cycle.

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Next Generation Advertisers

Posted by Williams Helde Staff on Jul 16, 2013 9:00:00 AM

From the printing press to the radio to the TV to the Internet, technology has always played a vital role in advertising. Now, in the midst of a technological revolution of sorts, the skills required to succeed in marketing are expanding. The development of digital advertising is requiring an entirely new skill set from marketers today. It’s decreasingly about splash pages, catchy creative and maximizing impressions and clicks and increasingly about database infrastructure, content management, JavaScript tracking tags, and second screens. It’s our job, as marketers, to understand this technology so that we can inform our clients about how to best spend their money, as well as to communicate proficiently with development and BI teams about how to best execute and analyze our efforts.

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